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The websites for your small projects

Landing Page

Landing Page — these are the websites consisting of one page. The landing or selling pages, are in most cases created for commercial purposes. The main objective of Landing Page of the website fast sale or purchase of goods, collecting contact information, creation of subscription base for you.


Big and small trading electronic platforms

Online store

The online store is the website, the goods which are carrying out sale by means of the Internet. Distinctive feature of online store is that it allows the users to create online the order for purchase of goods, and also to choose for itself a convenient payment method of goods.


The large-scale website for your company

Corporate websites

The corporate project possesses more complex structure. He is necessary not only to tell about the company, but also visually to show the sold goods or services. If it is about sale of any production, then on the similar platform place the catalog of this production. The purpose of the corporate website isn’t sale per se. It is not online store. The main objective consists in attracting potential clients for the purpose of further cooperation.


Thematic Web Sites

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