Service of the websites

All of us live in an information age. Therefore by a mistake won’t consider that information rules the world. But such information has to be not only useful, but also relevant, fresh. Even information has “expiration date”. That your website was popular, information on it needs to be updated. To write new articles, posts, verses, comments, poems – everything that will be useful for you and your clients.

INFORMATION SUPPORT OF THE WEBSITE – WHY IT IS NECESSARY FOR YOU? First, texts are necessary for “keywords” by means of which the authority and the rating of your website on search engines rises. Secondly, fresh relevant and useful information will be interesting to visitors of your website. And it is already work on increase in loyalty and trust to you and your goods. Remember, constant appeals “Buy goods! Buy goods!” don’t work any more. In iTargency the whole department of professional copywriters (informatsionshchik) which is engaged in creation of text content for the websites works. Our prices are provided below and the standard scheme of works on information support of the websites is described.


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